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CPAE Opening and Closing Sessions
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CPAE Opening Session

Social Movements and Adult Education: Transformative Learning, Policy Development, and Research

Plenary Session Description: Dr. Holst will outline the major challenges social movements pose for adult education practitioners, participants, and scholars. Highlighting the importance of such movements, he will assist our understanding of the historical moment(s) in which we are currently engaged, and outline elements of a vision for change. Observing that a major vehicle for policy initiatives have been and continue to be social movements, he argues that the changing nature, status, and diversity of movements today can and should be both incubators for policy initiatives and major forces for policy implementation.

Panel Respondents:

  • Dr. Leona English, Professor, St. Francis Xavier University
  • Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims, Associate Dean, College of Education, Troy University
Dr. John Holst - Presenter
Associate Professor
University of St. Thomas
Dr. Leona English - Panelist
St. Francis Xavier University
Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims - Panilist
Associate Dean
College of Education, Troy University

CPAE Closing Session

CPAE Team Building Speed Networking

We have designed a team building speed networking activity to assist our members to build more effective inter-organizational networks/teams, and reinforce camaraderie and cooperation across institutions. The goal of the activity is to assist colleagues from different organizations/institutions to quickly get to know each other both personally and professionally.


Larry G. Martin
Emeritus Professor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Ann Brooks
Texas State University
Elizabeth A. Roumell
Assistant Professor
Texas A&M University

• Elizabeth A. Roumell, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

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