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Commission for Workforce and Professional Development (CWPD)

CWPD strives to increase competencies, knowledge, career opportunities, and development in workforce and continuing professional education. We achieve these goals through supporting professionals, educators, and educational institutions whose outreach efforts meet the needs of adult learners in organizational settings.

Director: Charles E. Baukal, Jr. Ph. D., Ed. D., P.E. (

Upcoming Plans and Events

CWPD will continue to actively encourage and reach out for relevant and quality presentations for the annual conferences - this year in Oklahoma City, OK, November 17-20, 2015.

CWPD has encouraged relevant presentations and knowledgeable presenters at the AAACE annual conference in all the strands (areas) it represents, including: workforce, professional, and human resources development, community colleges, continuing professional education, and community education administration.

Business Meetings

CWPD business meeting are held during each annual AAACE conference.  The meetings are foundational, and bring us together for planning purposes.  It is the only time we hold face-to-face discussions designed to move CWPD forward in a significant way. Brilliant ideas evolved from our business meetings and resulted in major contributions to workplace and professional development over the years.  Following are instances of CWPD contributions:

  • Contributed articles for publication in the AAACE Newsletter.  Topics included free webinars, communities of practices, and cost-free training opportunities.
  • Created Members Helping Members (MHM), a searchable database of members willing to voluntarily share knowledge and skills with fellow members. Sign up to share, or conduct a search, by accessing MHM from the homepage at
Developed an AAACE group on LinkedIn, that is open to members and to others in the field. Visit the group at - and participate in discussions on issues/ challenges you are addressing and the ideas or resources you have or know of that might help colleagues. We can also use this site to advertise position openings, and resources.

A Brief History

In 2004, the Commission for Workforce Development and the Commission for Continuing Professional Education and Education Outreach were merged to create the Commission for Workforce and Professional Development (CWPD). Due to CWPD then representing two former commissions, in 2004-2006 Clare Klunk and Linda Sayre served as co-directors and in 2004-2005 designed a strategic plan, following the model of the AAACE strategic plan. An Executive Planning Committee was also formed, and in 2007 Linda Sayre served as director, followed by Linda Morris in 2008. At the annual conference in November 2011, Margaret Eggleston was installed as director for CWPD.

More on the Commission: To stay up-to-date with the most current CWPD happenings, be sure to check out the AAACE newsletters. Most members receive them via email; however, you can also find them on the AAACE website,

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