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Greetings from AAACE 2012 President

Reflections on AAACE FY 2011

AAACE-AHEA Conference Report

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Board of Directors


Henry Merrill

Linda Morris
President Elect

Clare Klunk
Past President

Steven Schmidt

Jim Berger


Linda Sayre

Michelle Glowacki-Dudka

Commission Directors

Steven Frye
Commission of Affiliated Organizations (CAO)

Gary Eyre
Joanne Kantner
Commission for Adult Basic Education and Literacy (CABEL)

Deborah LeBlanc
Commission for Community, Minority and Non-Formal Education (CCMNFE)

Marcie Boucouvalas
Commission for International Adult Education (CIAE)

James Sweizer
Commission for Military Education & Training (CMET)

Howard D. Walters
Commission for Professors of Adult Education (CPAE)

Lisa Kozicki
Commission for Program Management (CPM)

Margaret Eggleston
Commission for Workforce and Professional Development (CWPD)



Greetings from AAACE 2012 President

Clare Klunk passes the AAACE president's gavel to Henry Merrill

Henry Merrill, AAACE President 2012

Dear AAACE Colleagues,

It was a humbling experience to be invested as President of AAACE at the 60th AAACE Annual Conference in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. The accomplishments of our distinguished colleagues who have served as President during the last 60+ years (depending on when you start counting) are daunting. I hope to learn from their examples and build on their work during my term in 2012.

A number of AAACE Board of Director transitions took place at the 2011 Annual Conference. We recognized and said “thank you” for their service to AAACE in many ways, most recently on the Board of Directors, to Clare Klunk, Immediate Past-President; Catherine Hansman, Past-President; Joanne Kantner, Treasurer; Jean Fleming, Director-at-large; and Randy Plunkett, Director of the Commission of Military Education and Training. At the same time, we welcomed Linda Morris, President-elect; Jim Berger, Treasurer; Michelle Glowacki-Dudka,

AAACE 2012 Board of Directors at the Conference

Director-at-large; Jim Sweizer, Director of the Commission of Military Education and Training; and Margaret Eggleston, Director of the Commission for Workforce and Professional Development (succeeding Linda Morris). Joanne Kantner is continuing on the Board in the role of Co-Director of the Commission for Adult Basic Education and Literacy.

My objectives as President this year build on the Strategic Objectives and Initiatives completed by the AAACE Board in 2010 and 2011 under the leadership of Presidents Hansman and Klunk. You may download a copy of this document from, under the “About Us” tab.

  • My first objective for 2012, recognizing a commitment to continued improvement of our Member Services, is to implement a member survey to find out ways you think AAACE can better meet your needs. One component of this survey will review the AAACE website to identify ways to provide important links and resources for our members.
  • The second objective is to further develop and implement a communication and marketing plan for members as well as other organizations. Do you realize that AAACE has no one appointed at the Board level or even a standing committee to guide communication and marketing efforts for the organization? This e-Newsletter, the second in 2011, is one example coming from initial planning. We also want to define the appropriate roles and types of social networking/learning software for communication with AAACE. Besides opportunities to address these issues in the member survey, other opportunities will occur during the process of reviewing the AAACE Policies and Procedures, which are in need of revision in a number of places.
  • The third objective is to develop and strengthen partnerships between AAACE and other national and international organizations in ways that are mutually beneficial, as we did with the Adult Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) for the 2011 Annual Conference. AAACE has opportunities for developing additional partnerships through our membership in several adult education networks including the U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy (USCAL), of which AAACE is a founding member, and which held its first meeting the same week as our 2011 AAACE Conference. Other examples include the Council of Lifelong Learning Organizations (COLLO) and the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE). We need to strengthen these partnerships in ways that benefit these associations and our members.

AAACE enters 2012 as a strong and healthy organization of over 1,000 members with a sound financial base and a commitment to serve you, the members, in new and better ways. Please think about how we can help you AND you can help the association. We look forward to learning from you with the membership survey. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via

Best wishes to you and your families for safe and happy holidays!


Reflections on AAACE FY 2011

Clare Klunk, AAACE Past-President

Where has the time gone? What has AAACE accomplished this past year? Who are our members? These are three questions I asked myself in writing this article. Each of us has our own answer to the first question. Read on for answers to the remaining two questions.

What has AAACE accomplished this past year?

AAACE is a financially sound and healthy professional association. The 2011 Annual Report highlights the actions and results that emerged from the 2011-2012 Strategic Objectives and Initiatives that the Board of Directors approved in March 2011. Then, the eight commissions and two directors-at-large developed their strategic objectives and initiatives. An interesting result is that Commission Directors also used their annual report as a handout at the 2011 AAACE Conference in Connections Central where they met informally with conference participants who wanted to learn more about the commissions. The Annual Report can be found on AAACE website, under the “About Us” tab. In this same location you will also find the AAACE Mission, Vision, and Values Statement, FY 2011-2012 Strategic Objectives and Initiatives, AAACE By-Laws, AAACE Advocacy Statement, and the current Board of Directors.

Who are our members?

Our current membership is 1,000 members, an increase of approximately 10% from this time in 2010. AAACE members represent 48 states of the United States plus, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and twenty-one countries. (Note: If your state, territory or country is missing, please send an email to In 2010, our membership was 908 members. AAACE membership is divided across five categories: individuals (46%), students (25%), affiliates (2.5%), life members (2.5%), and retirees (2%).

AAACE-AHEA 2011 Conference Report

Henry Merrill, AAACE President 2012 and
Clare Klunk, AAACE Past-President

So much happens in the week of the AAACE Annual Conference between the convening of the CIAE Pre-conference on Sunday evening and the last wrap-up session of the CPAE Co-conference late Friday afternoon that a brief report seems impossible. The 2011 Conference Program Committee developed three broad topics to infuse throughout the events and meetings of the week:

  • Connecting with international perspectives on adult education;
  • Where and how informal learning happens (from museums and other cultural institutions to mentoring for example); and
  • Creating space for networking and social networking to enrich and tell the story of adult learning during the conference.

These topics were woven into the program through the keynote speakers, events sponsored by AAACE Commissions, receptions and breakfasts, special events co-sponsored by the Indiana State Museum and the International Center of Indianapolis, the Current and Emerging Conversations in Adult Learning sessions, and concurrent and roundtable sessions, as well as the new poster sessions that provided an additional format in a pilot phase for us this year.

Three keynote speakers: Alan Tuckett, President of the International Council for Adult Education, Jamie Mersisotis, President of the Lumina Foundation, and Lois Zachary, President of Leadership Development Services, challenged us to consider many dimensions of our work with adult learners in a complex world. Their perspectives and insights ranged from the role of AAACE members and the Association from the global perspective to the growth and development of individuals through mentoring. Jamie Mersisotis’ speech The Difference Makers is available online, and much more information and important resources are available at the speakers’ websites.

One new development for the 2011 AAACE Conference was our partnership with the Adult Higher Education Alliance (AHEA). AHEA held a pre-conference for about 30 of their members on Tuesday, and AHEA members presented 31 concurrent and poster sessions during the regular conference. This was a successful partnership that has stimulated discussion about possibilities for future conference partnerships with AHEA as well as other professional associations.

Stephanie Stalmah, Institute for Career Development, reports on another successful partnership: “Prior to the 2011 AAACE Conference, the first ever Workplace Learning Pre-conference was held at the Ball State Indianapolis Center, two blocks from the 2011 Conference hotel. The Pre-conference provided an opportunity for educators, trainers, and other professionals who work in the arena of educating workers to network and learn more about trends in workplace learning. This year's pre-conference theme was Training for a Green Economy.” Highlights of the Workplace Learning Pre-conference included:

  • Perspectives on Green Jobs from the Labor Sector by Jane Oates Assistant Secretary of Labor for Education and Training and by Tom Conway of the BlueGreen Alliance.
  • Perspectives on Climate Commitment in Higher Education by Robert J. Koester, Professor of Architecture and Chair, Council on the Environment, of Ball State University.
  • Perspectives from the Field by Ellen Scully-Russ of The George Washington University, Ethan Rogers of Purdue University and Sean Hayden of the Institute for Career Development

The Workplace Learning Pre-conference was presented by two new AAACE Special Interest Groups (SIGS) in collaboration with the Commission for Workforce and Professional Development (CWPD). The Labor/Workforce Education SIG focuses on trends, methods, and partnerships to educate workers in workplaces, unions and joint programs; for more information contact Cecelia Wagner at The Sustainability and Environmental Adult Education SIG focuses on trends and issues related to both topics in their title, either separately or interrelated, with emphasis on educational opportunities, social change, and partnerships; for more information contact Shelly Dudka at

Overall feedback on the 2011 Conference has been quite positive, especially about the keynote speakers and the content quality of the concurrent and roundtable sessions, as well as the new poster sessions. An excellent location was available at the Hyatt Regency for our “Connection Central” networking space.

Following is a snapshot of the 2011 Conference attendance as of mid-November:

  • Total registered: 419
  • Attendees came from 43 states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U. S. Pacific Island Territory of Guam, and 12 other countries

Pre- and Co-conferences registrations:

  • Adult Higher Education Alliance: 25
  • Commission for International Adult Education: 31
  • Commission for Military Education and Training: 45
  • Workplace Learning: Training for a Green Economy: 42
  • Commission of Professors of Adult Education: 123 (including 27 graduate students)

Congratulations to our Award recipients!

At the Annual Conference, AAACE confers five awards to recognize and honor exemplary contributions to adult continuing education: the Cyril O. Houle Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education, the Imogene Okes Award for Outstanding Research in Adult Education, the Malcolm Knowles Award for Outstanding Adult Education Program of the Year, the Outstanding Service Medallion. AAACE received no nominations for the Malcolm Knowles Award or the Imogene Okes Award this year.

Stephen D. Brookfield and John D. Holst received the Cyril O. Houle Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education for their book, Radicalizing Learning: Adult Education for a Just World. Stephen replied that receiving this award is “the equivalent of the Oscar for best picture in our field!” John responded “extremely honored to have our work recognized by colleagues in the AAACE means so much. Working with Stephen was an opportunity to engage in a true scholarly collaboration that was as much a process of co-writing the book as it was a process of co-learning from each other. To have our work recognized by colleagues in the AAACE means so much.”

Susan A. McLean, Executive Director of Literacy Partners, Inc. received the Service Medallion recognizing persons having an Outstanding Record of Service. Susan, an AAACE member, has devoted more than 27 years to meeting the educational needs an literacy needs of New Yorkers.

The Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) has three awards—Early Career Award, Curriculum Innovation Award, and Career Achievement Award—that are presented at the CPAE Co-Conference. The CPAE Career Achievement Award will be awarded in 2012. No nominations were received for the CPAE Innovation Award. This year, Robin Redmon Wright of Penn State University received the CPAE Early Achievement Career Award.

The Commission on Military Education and Training (CMET) presented three awards at their annual meeting on Nov 1, 2011. Jim Sweizer, Vice President of Military Programs at American Military University, was presented the Major General Kathlyn Frost Award. He was recognized with the award for “…outstanding, lifelong contributions to Military Education.” Laura Peck, Assistant Director of Army Education Programs, received the Tilton Davis Award, presented to the outstanding military educator for 2011. Kevin Winfrey, U.S. Army, received the Leon McGauhey Award in recognition for being named the outstanding military learner for 2011.

Thanks to our 2011 Annual Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors!

We wish to say, “Thank You” to our 2011 Annual Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors for their support and hard work to make it such a success.

  • Allied American University
  • Bilingual Books, Inc. GoArmy Ed
  • Cambium Learning Technologies Institute for Professional Development
  • Columbia Southern University Jossey-Bass, an Imprint of Wiley
  • Comex Systems, Inc. KNEXT
  • CTB/McGraw-Hill Modu Math KNEXT
  • Datamark National Endowment for Financial Education
  • DeVry University Townsend Press
  • eScience Labs, LLC U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • IAP-Information Age Publishing, Inc. Western Governors University
  • Indiana University School of Continuing Studies
  • GoArmy Ed]
  • Institute for Professional Development
  • Jossey-Bass, an Imprint of Wiley
  • Modu Math KNEXT
  • National Endowment for Financial Education
  • Townsend Press
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • Western Governors University Indiana

Save the Date!

2012 AAACE Annual Conference, November 4 – 9, 2012
(Pre-conferences November 4 – 6)
Join us at The Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada

Linda Morris, 2012 Conference Chair and AAACE President-elect 2012

Planning is just beginning for AAACE’s 61st Annual Conference to be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (, November 4-9, 2012. The 2012 AAACE Conference will include concurrent, roundtable, and poster sessions in such areas as: Workforce Development, Community, Non-Formal, Career, Continuing Professional, Health, Religious, Military and International Adult Education, as well as Distance and Adult Learning, Adult Numeracy and Literacy, Human Resource Development, Program Management, and other related areas. It is this wide array of sharing and learning that makes this conference unique!

Session proposals are due by May 12 2012 and the Call for Proposals will be posted after February 11, 2012. To keep abreast of conference plans and dates visit

Feedback on the 2011 Annual Conference will be key to shaping the 2012 Conference. Strengths we plan to maintain and build on include presentations’ high quality, keynote speakers’ relevance and collegial supportive interaction among participants. Among their comments about benefits gained: “Sessions were beneficial.” “New information, new connections with future collaborators.” “Great networking.” “Professional development.” “Wonderful people.” “Fun!” “Sharing with others.” “Meeting researchers in the field of adult education.”

Participants also suggested improvements to enhance their experience; among them were better signage and communication about program changes and more powerful Internet, as well as the need to increase participation at individual sessions. One noted, “Too many sessions to choose from for this group size. However, great for discussing.” Another, “Many overlapping sessions could be combined to provide more in-depth, interactive content.” Others, “Encourage fewer sessions and more true dialog,” and “More open time for dialog without sacrificing session attendance.”

We’ll take this feedback into consideration and hope you will send your suggestions or ideas on conference content and format to Linda Morris ( so that the 2012 Conference will address your interests and concerns and meet your expectations.


Introduction of Newsletter Editor
Bernadine Raiskums responded to the request for a volunteer editor that appeared in the August issue. She will work from her home base in Alaska where she has been living, learning, teaching, and writing since 1968. Bernadine has served editing internships with Alaska Newspapers Inc. and with Leona English working on the (2005) International Encyclopedia of Adult Education. She has served as editor of publications for Alaska VA Healthcare System, as well as newsletters of the Alaska Government Finance Officers, Alaska Botanical Garden, and the Anchorage Pioneer Home Family Council. Bernadine currently serves as treasurer for OLE! Inc., a nonprofit organization affiliated with the University of Alaska, which is providing opportunities for lifelong education in Anchorage.