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Imogene Okes Award

For Outstanding Research in Adult Education


Nominations are invited for the Imogene Okes Award. This award honors the memory of Imogene Okes, whose reports on adult education participation have been widely used and quoted in the field. It is given annually by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) for a report of original research done by single or joint authors and published in English in the previous year for a work that reflects the ideals for which Imogene Okes stood. Nominated works should exemplify outstanding and original research in adult education. Click here to view the list of award recipients.


  1. Published in the current year.
    Single or jointly authored original research publications are eligible. Theses and dissertations are not eligible, but books or articles derived from them are eligible.
    Nominee must be able to accept the award personally at the AAACE Conference.
    A publication may not be nominated for both the Houle and Okes Awards.
  2. Nominee must be a member of AAACE (award includes one year membership if not a current member).

Criteria — original research nominated must

  1. Be written in English.
  2. Be a specific piece of research and not a review of accumulated projects across a professional lifetime.
  3. Exemplify high standards of scholarship and research.
  4. Be well-organized and well-written.
  5. Have significant implications for adult and continuing education.

Letter of Nomination should include

  1. Award identification: Identify the nomination by typing at the top of the page: “AAACE National Awards Nomination: Okes Award for Outstanding Research.”
  2. Submission information: Name of the work, year published, name of publication, name of publisher, publisher’s address.
  3. Author(s) information: Name, job title, organization, address, phone number, fax, and email address.
  4. Nominator information (if different from author): Name, job title, organization, address, phone number, fax, and email address.
  5. Brief statement as to why the submission is suitable for the award.
  6. Signature: Nominators must sign and date the letter of nomination.


  1. Nominations must include the letter and five (5) copies of the nominated publication.
  2. Send all information and copies of the publication to the address below to arrive by JUNE 30.

Selection Process:

The AAACE Awards Committee works with the Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) to provide general oversight for the Okes Award process. The Okes Award Committee consists of five CPAE/AAACE members. Whenever possible, the most recent recipient(s) of the Okes Award is asked to Chair or Co-Chair the committee for the following year. The committee may choose not to make the award at its discretion.

Mail nominations to:

Okes Award Selection Committee
AAACE Awards
1827 Powers Ferry Road
Building 14, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30339 US

Or email your nomination to the Association Manager

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