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AAACE Proposal Submission Worksheet
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To download the AAACE Proposal Submission Worksheet in a Word Doc, please click here 

You may use this as a guide as you prepare your proposal for the conference. This is a worksheet only - you still must complete the form on ProposalSpace. We recommend you copy and paste from this Word document into the submission form on ProposalSpace. If you have any questions, please email Leslie Cordie, Proposal Chair, at

Title for your Session (required)

Do not use APA style but capitalize in ordinary title fashion. Do not use all capital letters. Limit: 15 words

Select the FIRST area in which your presentation best fits. (required)
Select the SECOND area
in which your presentation fits. (optional)

A drop-down menu will appear for each of these items. There are many selections from which to choose. It is recommended you select the focus of the relevant SIG or Commission.

Type of Presentation Requested (required)

Pick the type of session you wish as your first choice. The Review Committee reserves the right to assign an accepted proposal to a different type of presentation format.

  • Concurrent Session (50 minutes)
  • Shared Concurrent (2 oral presentations in 50 minutes)
  • Roundtable (50 minutes)
  • Poster Exhibit (TBD)

Keywords (required)

Please list at least 3 keywords

Session Abstract (required)

Please check spelling and grammar carefully; you do not want your session to be described in print with an error in spelling or grammar. Limit: 50 words

Target Audience (required)

Please describe your target audience. This will be printed so please check spelling and grammar carefully. Limit: 100 words

Learning Outcomes (required)

What will learners know or be able to do as a result of attending this session? Use properly prepared, measurable objectives. Limit: 100 words

Session Description (required)

Summarize noting importance, impact, innovation, and timeliness. Check spelling and grammar! Do NOT leave a blank line between paragraphs. Limit: 200 words

Format & Technique (required)

How do you plan to organize and present this session? Check spelling and grammar. Do not put blank lines between paragraphs or sections. Limit: 100 words

Internet access for your session may come at a cost to you. If you answer yes, below, and your session is accepted, we will contact you to discuss your needs and possible alternatives to this expense to you. (required) You will have the option of selecting "Yes" or "No" on the submission form in ProposalSpace.

Efforts are made to try to schedule sessions on the day preferred by the Primary Presenter, though this cannot be guaranteed. Please check your preference (required).

  • No preference
  • Wednesday, November 9
  • Thursday, November 10
  • Friday, November 11

If accepted, I will register for the conference no later than September, 2016 (required). Primary presenters must register and pay for registration by this date or they will be dropped from the program. I have marked my calendar with this important date. You will be given a choice of "No" or "Yes" on the submission form in ProposalSpace.

I have set as a safe sender to my email system (required). All communications about the acceptance of your proposal will come from the email system within You must set your permissions in your email to accept emails from this source or you will miss important communications.

The email address I used to register my account with ProposalSpace is the same email I have provided with the submission of my proposal. Please update your profile if needed, otherwise you will miss important communications. You will be given a choice of "No" or "Yes" on the submission form in ProposalSpace.

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