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Professors of Adult Education (CPAE)
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Welcome to CPAE

Our organization seeks to provide a caring, supportive and collegial community for professors of adult education working in a variety of positions and across their lifespan. We seek to achieve this through our annual meeting in conjunction with annual AAACE conference, usually in November. The meetings feature speakers and networking events as well as presentations, workshops and panels by our members. We invite you to explore our Commission through this web site, meet the people that form our leadership team, and join the faculty and doctoral students in our field that have found a professional home with CPAE.


AAACE 2018 – Myrtle Beach, SC

CPAE Co-Conference

Call For Proposals

You spoke and we listened.

At last year’s CPAE Co-Conference in Memphis, we asked for your input on what future CPAE Co-Conferences should look like. We got great responses, and we thank all of you who provided feedback and suggestions.*

Your top priority for change was to “Repeal and replace the SIGS. Create professional development workshops and documents to develop skill sets and knowledge bases to improve dialog with colleagues by using our member expertise. Start focusing on professional development (research methodology, online teaching, grants, etc.).”

Based on that feedback, we are pleased to announce some changes to this year’s CPAE co-conference.

CPAE Presentation Strands and Professional Development Workshops have replaced the CPAE Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions.

In the past, you had opportunities to submit your work for presentation at one of our CPAE SIG sessions. This year, however, we will be replacing SIG sessions with three CPAE Conference Strands integrated with Concurrent AAACE sessions and Professional Development Workshops to be held during the CPAE Co-Conference on Thursday afternoon.

The CPAE Conference strands will give you the opportunity to share your work with a broader audience of AAACE members. Our intention is to schedule the sessions in the CPAE Conference Strands on Thursday or Friday mornings or Wednesday afternoon so that those who can attend the Conference for a day or two can access these sessions.

Here are the three CPAE Conference Presentation Strands:

CPAE – Research: Select this strand to share your research projects and work related to research methodologies.

CPAE - Theory: Select this strand to share theoretical projects and other work related to theoretical topics.

CPAE – Emerging Issues for Faculty in Higher Education: Topics may include current and emerging issues, innovations, trends, observations, strategies, and ideas that are relevant to those of us in higher education today.

Concurrent sessions in these three strands will be open to all AAACE members. They are 45 minutes in length.

Proposals for CPAE Co-Conference Professional Development Workshop

Professional development for those in adult education includes topics such as mentoring, grant writing, career progression, publishing, coaching, program development, program marketing, technology and many other topics. Consider what type of professional development you can offer to your CPAE colleagues (and for students interested in becoming professors of adult education) and develop a workshop on your topic of choice.

CPAE Professional Development Workshops will be scheduled on the Thursday afternoon of the conference. They will only be open to those who registered for CPAE. They can be either 45 minutes or 90 minutes in length (please specify in your proposal).

Proposals for both the CPAE Conference Strands and the CPAE Co-Conference Professional Development Workshops Should Be Submitted through Proposal Space. Go to the AAACE website for more specific information and the link to Proposal Space.

Thursday CPAE Co-Conference Program Schedule

The 2018 CPAE Co-Conference will run from 1:00 to 8:00PM on Thursday, October 4th.

Thursday Keynote Speaker Workshop

The CPAE Co-Conference will feature a keynote speaker following the Thursday AAACE Awards Luncheon. The speaker will address a topic or present a professional development workshop of particular interest to faculty in higher education.

Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops including those proposed by our members and possible other events.

Cocktail Reception and Business Meeting

The Thursday afternoon/evening cocktail reception and business meeting will remain in place, as they have been in past years.

We hope that our efforts to revamp the CPAE co-conference will result in an enhanced conference experience for all of you. We will be looking for your feedback so that we can continually improve the CPAE co-conference.


Looking forward to your proposals,


Your CPAE Executive Committee:

Ann Brooks -- Chair

Kalpana Gupta — Secretary-Treasurer

Haijun Kang, Leann Kaiser, Lisa Merriweather, Petra Robinson -- Members at Large

Steve Schmidt — Chair-Elect

* We also thank those who contributed their ideas to earlier sessions at Co-Conferences and an AERC conference and the CPAE e-mail survey aimed at helping the CPAE Executive Committee better understand what our members want our CPAE organization to do and be for us.

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