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Health Professionals SIG
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Link to SIG: Click here to enter the Health Professionals SIG network.

Contact: Shawna Strickland,

Purpose and Mission: The Health Professionals SIG is home to adult educators, health educators, and other healthcare professionals who wish to share perspectives and exchange expertise to enhance their practice.

Goal: The primary goal is to foster the exchange of best practices and innovation in health education and facilitate networking among colleagues with shared interests.  Adult education, alone, focuses on lifelong learning, increased interpersonal skills, professionalism, and effective citizenship.  With that in mind, the health care educator should foster professional growth in order to proactively enhance student, patient, and client care and health education.  It is imperative that we remain diligent in our work because health care, in itself, is very interdisciplinary in scope.  Therefore, our Special Interest Group will focus on current challenges, gaps in health care education, and complex problems related to this promising field.

Activities and Membership Benefits: With a recent increase in membership, we hope to foster many activities in order to network and create objectives.  With your membership to the Health Professionals SIG, you receive exclusive access to our quarterly newsletter, breakout session(s) at conference, and networking groups (on Facebook and LinkedIn).  Our activities are many and include:

  • Enhancing networking amongst fellow professionals in order to augment your practice
  • Determining a way to assist our members in meeting the SIG’s and YOUR professional goals
  • Encouraging, reviewing, and preparing for proposals for presentations and dialogue
  • Creating action goals, a strategic plan, and timelines

Become involved! Help us set our goals and enhance our purpose! Contact us today!

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