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News from the Chair - Christy Rhodes
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The AAACE leadership has been growing a reputation for highlighting conference poster presentations over the last two years, and this year they have taken it a step further.  At the 2017 Annual Conference in Memphis, presenting a poster will be enhanced using creative scheduling, expanded viewing, and an improved system of selecting the top three. 

By popular demand, the in-person poster presentation at this year’s national conference in Memphis coincides with the president’s wine and cheese reception from start to finish.  Both events have been given a healthy extension on the schedule to maximize the impact of the occasion. 

The goal of this confluence is to provide a relaxed, socially-engaged atmosphere for presenters to disseminate new information about their research, program, or project face-to-face with a wider audience of colleagues and current and potential funders than would otherwise be possible.  Positioning the posters around the periphery of the food and beverage items encourages partakers to circulate around the same room used for roundtable discussions earlier in the day.  Conference attendees and the AAACE leadership can interact in person with the poster presenters and each other, as they cycle back to the tables as needed to resupply their plates and glasses.  Opportunities to network one-on-one will abound for all. 

The second improvement being rolled out at the 2017 conference in Memphis is the ability to preview and review electronic versions of the posters before and after their actual presentation.  The president’s reception on Wednesday afternoon will be attendees’ only opportunity to view the physical posters.  Those unable to attend the event can still view and vote for the posters of their choice on the conference app.  Likewise, presenters can use the electronic version of their poster on the app to interact with individuals or small groups at any time throughout the conference. 

The third improvement is how the top three posters will be selected.  It is a given that all posters should be visually appealing, easily readable, and depict their information with images, color, and limited text.  Rather than reviewing each poster against a large number of broad criteria as in years past, attendees at this year’s poster presentation will be asked to identify their one best poster in each of the following three categories.

  • Highly relevant, novel, or insightful topic
  • Standout conceptual or methodological framework
  • Significant findings or lessons learned

To make voting even easier, each poster will be identified with a randomly-selected number.  Attendees can then vote for their one best poster in each category by entering that number either on a paper ballot at the event or electronically before the deadline using the conference app.  The presenter(s) of the top poster in each category will be recognized at the awards luncheon on Thursday. 

To make poster presentations more meaningful for all involved, please come to the president’s reception, interact with the presenters, and select your top choice in each category.  Then, provide the conference organizers your feedback on the degree to which the poster presentation process was enhanced. 

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