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AAACE Diversity Task Force

Monday, May 2, 2016  
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Welcome to the new AAACE Diversity Task Force. This begun at the 2016 AAACE Conference. The main goal to heighten the awareness of our membership about the wide diversity of our membership and the diversity of the people we serve through adult education in order to increase the inclusiveness of AAACE.

Our initial planning commenced in March of 2016. We are working towards a final proposal to submit to the Board of Directors of AAACE. To date, we are examining the following questions:

  • What does diversity mean to AAACE membership?
  • How does diversity impact the AAACE mission?
  • What would immediate steps to embrace diversity look like? Long range steps?
  • How could we study other organizations who have embraced this mission?
  • How does diversity fit into our global mission?

Plans in process

We have begun our work in 4 areas:

  1. Conducting a member survey to determine the diversity of interests and investments of our membership in their field practice and scholarship.
  2. Examining the potential for a mentoring process with in AAACE to assist one another in exploring our diverse interests.
  3. Research what other organizations do regarding diversity and how they address diversity internally and externally.
  4. Explore ways to promote diversity and communicate with key demographics via social media. One focus would be international audience.
  5. Explore our journal articles for the diversity of interests.

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