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International Compendium of Adult and Continuing Education Highlights

Monday, October 24, 2016  
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The core editorial team, Alan B. Knox, Simone C. O. Conceição, and Larry G. Martin, is pleased to share progress for the past quarter, some of the Compendium’s features, and plans through February 2017.


  • Continued interactions with approximately two dozen associations/organizations with members in various countries.
  • Utilized various methods to bring focus on the Compendium project. Methods included presentations, communications/publications, posting to the ICACE website, emails, and phone conversations. Benefits from such activities contributed to visibility for the forthcoming Compendium, its Publisher, and AAACE.
  • Encouraged submission of proposals through the website
  • Cross-referenced related publications
  • Completed arrangements and initial orientation for about 15 consulting editors, with the intent to provide A Compendium content overview, guidelines, and an illustrative article, to enable them to:
    • Assist more than 100 lead authors from various countries to draft and revise excellent articles that include links to related articles.
  • Improved and standardized procedures for the website, and GoogleDocs to:
    • Better monitor progress for receiving/ selecting/ acknowledging proposals and outlines for articles
    • Connect lead authors/topics/ manuscripts with consulting editors to assist them


The core editorial team designed several modes of accessibility to achieve the distinctive purpose of the Compendium, which is to help readers from various countries discover connections among similar concepts in related articles in various parts/volumes/topics/subtopics. These modes include:

  • A table of contents for all of the Compendium (organized by part/topic/subtopics)
    An alphabetical index.
  • Hyperlinks for concepts in related articles.
  • An article on the process of concept mapping with examples from the Compendium
  • Illustrative guide to active learning by Compendium readers as the distinctive feature of the Compendium by including selective hyperlinks among related articles.
  • An interactive map of knowledge; skills and attitudes to enhance readers’ understanding of additional resources; and connections through eEdition technology.
  • An article focused on technology used to record and access information from archives and collections, similar to the purpose of the Compendium.


Following are the core editorial team’s objectives for September 2016 through February 2017:

  • Sept 2016 to Nov 2016: continue attracting and selecting a few additional proposals for a sufficient number of interactive, substantive, succinct articles that fit the MATRIX topics; help authors revise manuscripts; allow consulting editors to help authors select keywords and hyperlinks; and prepare oral and written progress reports on the Compendium project, to deliver at a general session of the Association’s annual conference in November.
  • Dec 2016 to Feb 2017: complete editing of revised manuscripts, preparation of keywords for index, revise draft Compendium preface and each volume introduction; transition to production; and continue cooperation with associations for use of the Compendium.

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