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2018 Keynote Speaker
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AAACE was pleased to welcome Dr. Jeff D. Borden as the keynote speaker for the 2018 conference. 

Education 3.0

Brain science shows us that how we typically use PowerPoint stinks. It suggests that for some, learning should not be attempted before 10am while for others, learning should conclude by noon. Cognitive research proves that listening to a lecture is the brain-equivalent of watching televised fishing. Education technologists have produced social learning assets that not only cross over the walls of classrooms, but even the borders of countries for deeper, more engaging learning.

Never before has a catch phrase been interjected into educational mission statements around the world with so little understanding of what it means as, "21st Century Learning." Dr. Jeff Borden will try to showcase what 21st Century teaching and learning means in a practical way, through the lens of what he calls, “Education 3.0.” Jeff will unpack what neo-millennial learning can and should be, as well as a few old policies and procedures, embedded deeply in the educational DNA that need to go. From game changers based on cognitive science to meaningful uses of data leading to personalization to best practices found in education psychology and support for it all through technology platforms and frameworks, attendees will have a better understanding of how to make tomorrow's learning start happening today as we build Education 3.0.

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For two decades, Dr. Jeff Borden has acted as a “trend spotter” for various organizations so as to transform education.  Currently working as the Executive Director of the Institute for Inter-Connected Education as well as the Chief Academic Officer for Ucroo Digital Campus, Dr. Borden is using 25 years as an academic to promote “best” learning.  Over two decades, Jeff has been a University Administrator (most recently Chief Innovation Officer @ Saint Leo University) where he helped create a next-generation learning ecosystem to impact both academic quality as well as persistence, a professor of Communication and Education at various Colleges and Universities around the country, and Jeff also traveled the globe as a Vice President with eCollege which was later acquired by Pearson Education, providing an academic vision and strategy that encompassed digital learning, neo-millennial instruction methods, authentic assessment, and beyond.   In 2013, as the Research & Innovation Network’s Center for eLearning Director, Jeff pursued rigorous research opportunities through a ‘think tank’ of educational innovation.  But today Jeff is trying to impact educational transformation at the largest scale possible via platforms of professional development and hyper connectedness.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Borden has consulted with educators in every U.S. state, led transformative efforts in 34 countries, provided almost 200 keynote presentations to audiences of 100-10,000, and spoken with stakeholders from teachers to principals to college administrators to government officials.   Prior to his private sector work, Jeff taught full time at the University of Northern Colorado and was the Coordinator of Public Speaking at Metropolitan State College of Denver.  At the same time, in twenty years, Dr. Borden has taken only 1 semester away from teaching Communication, Rhetoric, and Education classes at various levels – from technical schools to community colleges to state and private universities.

From gamified, interdisciplinary experiences to neo-millennial strategies for learning all tie back to Jeff’s platform of “Education 3.0” – the confluence of neuroscience, learning design, and education technology.  Through this lens, Dr. Borden is incorporating his extensive history consulting, teaching, and researching to provide a fertile bed of learning innovation.  Jeff continues to blog for’s Innovation site, presents keynote addresses at numerous conferences each year, and promotes research / publications in Education, Technology, and Communication.

Twitter: @bordenj
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