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2020 Proposal Submission Guide
AAACE Proposal Submission Guide

We suggest that your prepare your proposal offline, and when complete, with grammar and spelling carefully checked, copy and paste it into ProposalSpace. Please note that special characters may not translate in the web-based submission process. Please be especially thoughtful of the use of italics and special characters. 


  • There are primary and secondary presenters. There can only be one primary presenter, but multiple secondary presenters. 
  • You may be a primary presenter on only one proposal for the general conference; however, you may be included on other general conference proposals as an additional presenter and you may also be a primary presenter on proposals submitted to the CIAE, CDLT, and CPAE pre- and co-conferences. 
  • The following information for each primary and secondary presenter(s) will be needed: name, the email address each person used to create their ProposalSpace account, organization, work title, and phone number.   If a secondary presenter does not have a ProposalSpace account, one can be manually added during the proposal submission process.

The following information will be needed in order to submit your proposal. Information will be included in the Conference Program and/or App so please check spelling and grammar carefully.

Title of the Session:  Do not use APA title style, nor all capital letters, but capitalize in ordinary title fashion. For example: Adult education: Challenges and opportunities in the 21st century (15 word limit, required)

Select the area in which your presentation best fits. (drop-down menu, required)

• Access and Equity in Adult Education
• Adult Basic Education and Literacy Education
• Adult Development
• Adult Psychology and Counseling
• Colleges and Universities
• Community, Minority, Non-Formal/Informal Education, and Cooperative Extension
• Community, Vocational, and Technical Colleges
• Correctional Education
• CDLT PreConference:  Key Concept Presentation
• CDLT PreConference:  Innovation Station
• CDLT PreConference:  Workshop
• CPAE CoConference: Emerging Issues for Faculty in Higher Education
• CPAE CoConference: Professional Development Workshop
• CPAE CoConference: Research & Theory
• Graduate Student Education
• Health Professionals
• History and Philosophy of Adult Education
• Human Resource Development and Training
• International Adult Education
• Military Education
• Program Management and Administration
• Research to Practice
• Sustainability and Environmental Adult Education
• Technology and Online Learning
• Undergraduate Student Education
• Women’s Issues, Status, and Education
• Workforce Development, Continuing Education, and Professional Development

Presentation Format Requested:  Select the type of session you wish as your first choice. The Review Committee reserves the right to assign an accepted proposal to a different type of presentation format. You will need to acknowledge the assigned presentation format if your proposal is accepted.

  • Concurrent Session (45 minutes): Concurrent Sessions are sessions that present research, theory, concepts, and practices. Concurrent sessions are 45 minutes long.
  • Shared Concurrent Session (45 minutes; 2 at approx. 20 minutes each or 3 at approx. 12 minutes each): Shared Concurrent Sessions are sessions that present research, theory, concepts, and practices. Presenters will split their time with one or two other presentations. Two sessions approximately 20 minutes in length or three sessions approximately 12 minutes in length will share a 45 minute time slot. Topics may be in the same area.
  • Roundtable (45 minutes):  Roundtable Discussions provide an opportunity to discuss research in progress, research issues, programs, theory in practice, or other relevant topics with a small group in an informal setting. These sessions are 45 minutes in length and several roundtables will share one room.
  • Fast Format (7 minutes): Fast Formats are sessions that provide a concise and fast-paced presentation no more than 7 minutes in length. The presentation slides must be timed to fit within the 7-minute time frame as well as submitted prior to the conference. 4 – 6 presenters will share a 45-minute time slot. Presenters can address all issues related to adult and continuing education in an informal and stimulating environment. Images are encouraged within the presentation.
  • Poster Exhibit (60-90 minutes):  Poster Presentations provide an opportunity to present and discuss one main research theme, program, practice, or relevant topic in an informal setting, somewhat like an exhibit hall or information fair. A good poster session centers on one main theme, presents useful information, and stimulates discussion. The poster session is approximately 60-90 minutes in length. Presenters prepare a display that captures their topic and ideas in easily understood printed text and graphics. Presenters may use a tabletop display, or create a 30"x40" (maximum size) board for posting. These sessions should be well organized with an informal blend of presentation and dialogue.
  • CDLT PreConference Only: Key Concept Presentation (45 minutes; click here for more information)
  • CDLT PreConference Only: Innovation Station (75 minutes, concurrent;  click here for more information)
  • CDLT PreConference Only: Workshop (75 minutes; click here for more information)
  • CPAE CoConference Only: Emerging Issue or Research & Theory (45 minutes, concurrent)
  • CPAE CoConference Only: Professional Development Workshop (105 minutes)

Keywords:  Please list at least 3 keywords (5 word limit, required)

Session Abstract (50 word limit, required)

Target Audience (100 word limit, required)
Please describe your target audience.

Learning Outcomes (100 word limit, required)
What will learners know or be able to do as a result of attending this session?

Session Description (200 word limit, required)
Summarize your session noting its importance, impact, innovation, and timeliness. Please do not leave a blank line between paragraphs.

Format & Technique (100 word limit)
How do you plan to organize and present this session?

We try to accommodate scheduling requests; however, this cannot be guaranteed. Please check your preferred presentation day from the list provided (required).
• No preference
• CDLT PreConference (Tuesday, October 27)
• Wednesday, October 28
• Thursday, October 29
• Friday, October 30
• CPAE CoConference (Thursday, October 29)

The acceptance of the following statements/confirmations is required:

Registration Required in order to be scheduled:
I understand that the primary presenter will need to be registered and submit payment for the conference by Friday, July 24 in order for the presentation to be scheduled.

Format Change Acknowledgment: I understand that the Review Committee reserves the right to assign a proposal to a different type of presentation format and that I will need to acknowledge the assigned presentation format if my proposal is accepted.

I have set as a safe sender to my email system:
All communications about the acceptance and scheduling of accepted proposals will come from the email system within Please be sure to set your permissions in your email system to accept emails from this source or you may miss important communications.

Email Address:
The email address I used to register my account with Proposal Space and is listed in my User Profile is the same email I have provided with the submission of my proposal. Please update your profile if needed (instructions below), otherwise you will miss important communication.

** The email address ProposalSpace uses to send you messages about your proposal is stored in your User Profile. To update that email address, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the site (
  2. Click your name in the top, right hand corner of any page. This will take you to your User Profile.
  3. Click the Edit My Account Details link on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Update your email address and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

The information in your User Profile is used to pre-fill information in your proposals. If you change the email address in your User Profile, it will be used to pre-fill future proposals but will NOT affect any existing proposals.

Likewise, if you edit your email address in a proposal, that change is limited to the proposal and does NOT affect your user profile.

Proposal Review

All proposals are submitted for peer review and available conference slots are filled by the highest-ranking proposals, as space permits. For more information on the review criteria, please visit: AAACE 2020 Review Criteria. The Program Committee may, at its discretion, combine related presentations or change the presentation format.

Questions or issues?

Proposal Content:
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