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CCMNFE Outstanding Adult Educator Award

Award Description

The Commission for Community, Minority, and Non-Formal Education (CCMNFE) within the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) requests your nominations for the 2020 CCMNFE Outstanding Adult Educator Award.  The Outstanding Adult Educator award recognizes contributions and support for adult education programs in our local communities. This award is intended to celebrate the dedication of adult educators in the AAACE conference city each year. The first award was given at the 2019 AAACE Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. CCMNFE members are encouraged to nominate AAACE members who live in or near the conference region (Reno, NV for 2020) for the award.  CCMNFE would like to honor and give back to those who care for and support all members of their communities.

The award is given annually at the AAACE Conference Awards Luncheon. CCMNFE sponsors an annual AAACE membership and one day conference attendance for the award recipient.  The award winner may also be featured on the website and in newsletters/communication.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Awardee should be an AAACE member (if membership has expired, CCMNFE will pay membership fee)
  • Awardee should be a person who works in community, minority, or non-formal adult education settings
  • Awardee should be local to the conference area (Near Reno, NV for 2020 Conference)

Nomination Process and Deadline

  • Nominations and inquiries may be emailed to CCMNFE Commission Director Dr. Jacqueline McGinty at
  • The 2020 award deadline for nominations was June 5, 2020.  2021 nominations will be open March 1, 2021.

Previous Award Winners

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