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CDLT News - October 2017
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Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                                    October 2017                             

The CDLT – Proud to Promote Distance Learning and Technology

We are proud to promote distance learning and technology through the CDLT. If you share our interest in distance learning or technology at the intersection of adult learning in any subject, please consider joining our subgroup within the AAACE’s LinkedIn site. The CDLT subgroup is open to both members and non-members of CDLT and AAACE for domestic and international networking opportunities. You can locate our subgroup here. Expect to see our CDLT Facebook group page opened for your membership and perusal in the near future. Further details to follow in an upcoming CDLT News.

The CDLT is led by:
J. Bernard Bradley, Commission Director
Leigh Ann Whittle, Communications Chair
Tonka Jokelova, Membership Engagement Chair Heba AbuZayyad, Social Media Chair
Tricia Berry, Pre-Conference Symposium Co-Chair Sola Popoola, Pre-Conference Symposium Co-Chair
Tricia Berry, Awards & Recognitions Chair Brianne L. Jackson, Graduate Student Chair
TBA, Member-at-Large TBA, Membership Engagement Chair
Important Timelines

10/31/17: CDLT Pre-Conference Symposium on Social Media (8:00 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
CDLT Forum: Best Practice Winners in Distance Learning or Technology (1:30 p.m.)
AAACE Awards Luncheon (12:15 p.m.)
11/2/17: CDLT Networking Meeting (4:00 p.m.)

In this Issue

Letter From Our Director
The Commission for Distance Learning and Technology (CDLT) will sponsor or participate in a variety of commission-sponsored sessions and events at the 2017 AAACE Conference in Memphis, including: (1) CDLT Pre-Conference Symposium on Social Media; (2) CDLT Forum: Best Practice Winners in Distance Learning and Technology; (3) AAACE Awards Luncheon (for presentation of inaugural CDLT Best Practice Award); and (4) CDLT Networking Meeting. We invite you to network with us in Memphis @ AAACE 2017 and beyond. Remember, It’s EASY to ENGAGE with the CDLT! Read More

CDLT Research to Practice Blog

Lessons from the Past: Reflections on Online Teaching
Take a walk down memory lane with Karen Milheim as she reflects on changes to online instruction over the past 13 years, since the publication of her first academic article
. Read More

How to Enhance Instructional Presence
Drawing from research and practices gleaned for his book, How to Enhance Instructional Presence, Brent A. Anders offers advice on increasing instructional presence in the online classroom
. Read More

Gamification, Awards, and Badges for the Adult Learner
Who doesn’t enjoy games? But can games and the rewards achieved therein motivate adult learners? Anita Samuel offers her thoughts and an example from her own graduate course.
Read More


10 Ways to Foster Self-Directed Learning in Your Training
The most effective training programs have been designed to meet the fundamental principles of adult learning - one of the most important of which is ensuring that there is an element of self-directedness in the learning experience.  But too many training programs get this very wrong, leaving their learners feeling unsupported and neglected.  There is far more to self-directed learning than just ‘leaving them to it’, and in this article adult education specialist Sarah Cordiner will show you 10 ways to get it right.
Read More

CDLT Announcements and Features

Stein and Wanstreet Announce Publication of New Book for Online Instructors
CDLT member David S. Stein and co-author Constance E. Wanstreet announce the release of their book, Jump-Start Your Online Classroom: Mastering Five Challenges in Five Days. Read More

Contribute to the CDLT Blog
We are pleased to announce that we will feature blog articles as part of The CDLT News, our blog newsletter, and through periodic blog posts on the AAACE website. If you have research or insight from the recent AAACE conference or otherwise that you would like to share, please submit them to our blog. We are seeking posts of approximately 1,000 words or less on all online- and distance-education topics (including educational technology) at the intersection of adult learning. Please submit your articles via Microsoft Word and include your name, title, and institutional affiliation. Additionally, please send a professional headshot and any other photographs or images relevant to your article. APA format should be followed if your article requires references, and active voice is preferred. Bloggers may use their AAACE articles for other purposes like expanding them for submission as a magazine or journal article, if applicable, per AAACE policies and procedures.

Next Steps: To propose a blog article, email the suggested title at your earliest convenience to Leigh Ann Whittle, newsletter editor and CDLT Communications Chair, at . Full invited blog articles that follow the above guidelines are due on the date negotiated with Leigh Ann for publication in The CDLT News or CDLT News Briefs.


Highlight Your Achievements, Interests, and Practice with the CDLT Member Spotlight
As you know, the CDLT represents those from academia to practice and spaces in between. Collectively, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the AAACE. However, being located around the world, it can be difficult to get to know our members individually and celebrate this expertise.

That is why we would like to introduce our members in our CDLT newsletters, and we are asking for your help in this endeavor. Please allow your colleagues to get to know you through a short biographical sketch. This does not have to be terribly formal; a biography blending your personality and experience is welcome and encouraged. Your bio should be no longer than 400 words, must contain a professional headshot photograph (.jpg or .png files preferred) and may include such items as:

  • Your educational philosophy
  • Tips relating to distance and online learning (including technology) at the intersection of adult learning
  • Recent accomplishments
  • Research interests

We believe these bios will be a great way for our members to become acquainted, network for research or practice, and collaborate on similar interests.

If you have any questions regarding the bios or would like to submit yours for the next CDLT newsletter, please contact Leigh Ann Whittle at


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