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CDLT 2020 PreConference Call for Proposals

CDLT Pre Conference - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Theme: Enriching Discourses in Digital Spaces


Theme Description

This year’s  CDLT pre-conference will explore how adult educators might use digital tools and spaces as mechanisms that build healthy, productive discourses, and promote a sense of community and belonging for all. In general, the online experience carries with it unique challenges to inter and intra personal discourse, especially when opinions differ. Given our current socio-political/geo-political climate and the rising use of digital platforms to facilitate varying areas of content with adults, the challenge to constructive dialogue and common understanding may seem doubly glaring.  In alliance with the AAACE general conference theme, our pre-conference theme queries: what is important for adult educators working in digital spaces to “do” in order to enrich discourses for their learners or audiences? In what ways might our research, theory building and/or practice create opportunities for improved discourse, and ensure access to diverse voices? How can those lessons be transferred into the community and become a guiding force for constructive dialogue and mutual respect? 

Schedule (subject to change)






Key Concept Presentation








Innovation Station








Key Concept Presentation


Presentation of Award Winners and Conference Wrap-Up (winners will be acknowledged here and the official presentation at the AAACE awards lunch)


Explanation of Presentation Types

All presentations will be submitted through the ProposalSpace.

Key Concept Presentation:  Key concept presentations involve topics of  broad interest to the CDLT membership. We welcome presentations based on research, theory, current or emerging  trends, issues and/or practices in distance learning and technology relative to adult and higher education. Presentations are 45 minutes long, to include brief opportunities for questions and discussion from the audience.

Innovation Station:  Several (approximately  8-12) “stations” will be set up around the room.  The presenter at each station will share an innovation they are currently using or plan to use (that is, a unique concept/idea, tool, best practice etc.) related to distance learning and technology (for example, something that enhances the teaching and learning experience for adults). These sessions are not limited to the ideas of the CDLT Pre-Conference theme, but are open to any unique innovation. These sessions are an opportunity to present ideas in a community forum and engage in several 1:1 or 1:small group discussions. Each presenter will prepare a short overview (just a few minutes) of their topic to share with participants. These overviews may include a digital presentation and participants are encouraged to share a brief handout or related visual aid to more fully describe how the “innovation” is utilized in practice.   All digital materials will be displayed on individual laptops at each tabletop station (no screens, projectors or poster display boards will be used).  CDLT attendees will be able to visit as many stations as they like, for as long as they like, during the presentation period (75 minutes). Presentations will be occurring simultaneously.

Workshop:  These will be applicable and hands-on sessions to encourage the understanding and actual use of an aspect of distance learning or technology. Each workshop will last 75 minutes. Workshop proposals should include the following:

  1. A brief introduction and rationale for the workshop (Why this particular topic/importance? How might it improve practice or understanding for participants?) 
  2. List of learning outcomes (What are the goals? What knowledge, skills, etc. will participants expect to take away/gain?)
  3. A brief description of how the workshop will be run (for example, what visual aids might be used? How will participants actively engage?)


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