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Professors of Adult Education (CPAE)
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Welcome to CPAE

Our organization seeks to provide a caring, supportive and collegial community for professors of adult education working in a variety of positions and across their lifespan. We seek to achieve this through our annual meeting in conjunction with annual AAACE conference, usually in November. The meetings feature speakers and networking events as well as presentations, workshops and panels by our members. We invite you to explore our Commission through this web site, meet the people that form our leadership team, and join the faculty and doctoral students in our field that have found a professional home with CPAE.


AAACE 2018 – Myrtle Beach, SC

CPAE Co-Conference

Keynote on October 4, 2018

Inter-Connected Education

Connections are the heart and soul of education. How a person connects an idea to a context matters. How someone connects a theory to an application is crucial. Connecting socially has as much impact on learning as cognition. How we connect experts and novices with various communication channels can make or break the experience. Yet most articles about higher education today proclaim that there is more disconnectedness than anything else. Everything is being scrutinized and everyone is under fire. So how can we do it? How can we facilitate connection more intentionally and help learners with outcomes from learning to employment to life?

hover textDr. Jeff D. Borden will unpack what connectedness could (or even should) look like today. From an omnichannel world where knowledge and data are available on-demand contrasting against a highly inefficient, centuries-old model where students go to class to learn from a lone teacher, there are things we can all do to facilitate better connection. From connection builders to connection busters, Dr. Borden will look at inter-connectedness through the lens of Education 3.0 (Neuroscience, Learning Research, and Ed Tech) to give audience members something to try tomorrow, and a list of things to consider next week, next month, and next year, as we all try to better connect learners to learning.

For full CPAE co-conference information and schedule, read our 2018 pre-conference newsletter (open in new window).

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