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Cascades of Learning - Alan Knox

Cascades of Learning:
A Professional Memoir by Alan Knox, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

This professional memoir contains my personal reflections on connections among people, places, activities, results and meanings as an educator of adults. Each of the seven sections is about a location with references to people, opportunities, influences and choices; especially connections among colleagues and publications. The main purpose of this memoir is to illustrate ways in which educators of adults can create and use publications with colleagues that can help scholars and practitioners transcend just making arrangements, by appreciating connections between personal performance and the broad field of adult and continuing education. The memoir is about mentoring relationships, inquiry activities, career development, and access to relevant oral, print, digital publications and literature.

Thank you,
Alan Knox

Cascades of Learning: A Professional Memoir by Alan Knox
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 Table of Contents
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 Epilogue Summary
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 Cascade References and Resources
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