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The AAACE Board of Directors recently discussed a new marketing campaign focusing on the tagline: "I AM AN ADULT EDUCATOR”. The 2017 AAACE Annual Conference in Memphis, TN will be the kick off for the promotion of this new marketing campaign for AAACE. The objectives of the campaign are as follows:


1.     To position AAACE as a leader in the field of adult and continuing education.

2.     To educate members and the public about the core values of AAACE as determined by the AAACE strategic plan.

3.     To recognize the role of the adult educator and those who provide support for adult educators in all areas of education and the impact they have in teaching adult learners.

4.     To spread the word about AAACE and to attract new members to AAACE.

5.     To create a recognizable "Brand” for the value that adult educators provide to all adult learners; focusing on the commonality that is inherit in all adult educators regardless of specialty or area of expertise.

6.     To engage individual members and adult educators in sharing theories of practice and implementation of best practice and methodology for adult learners.

7.     To provide leadership opportunities, volunteer opportunities and organizational support for the profession of adult and continuing education.

The key to the success of this campaign is YOU! AAACE needs all the members to provide information on how being an adult educator has had an impact on their lives, on the lives of their students and their institutions. This information can be as short as one paragraph or as long as two pages. You can also submit articles that have been previously published, as long as AAACE can reprint with permission. We want to include this information in the AAACE newsletter, on the AAACE website and on social media. We want to promote and share stories, testimonies, and research.


YOU are the key to helping show how IMPORTANT adult educators are in the world of education. All information can be easily submitted using the smartsheet link. Please fill in the information and attach your article using the little paperclip on left hand side of the smartsheet.


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