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President’s Appreciation Award
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For Exemplary Commitment and Service to AAACE

The AAACE President's Appreciation Award identifies and honors the person or persons who have exemplified outstanding contributions to the Association during the past year. That person or persons must exhibit a standard of excellence. Therefore the Individuals(s) deserves recognition by AAACE. The individual(s) need not be an AAACE member.


The person(s) receiving this award has/have demonstrated success in the following:

  • Visible evidence of selfless dedication to projects, and for services. Committed to the completion of and assisted others in accomplishing their goals.
  • Demonstrated leadership within a formal or non-traditional learning environment in meeting educational needs.


The President of AAACE selects the person or persons receiving this award.

Recipients of the President's Appreciation Award

  • 2019 - Leslie Cordie, BSN,MBA,PhD; Josie Andrews; Susan M. Yelich Biniecki; Anita Samuel, PhD;  Dr. Amy Rose
  • 2018 - Christy M. Rhodes
  • 2017 - Ralph G. Brockett
  • 2016 - Leslie Cordie
  • 2015 - 2014-2015 Board of Directors:
    • Charles E. Baukal, Jr.
    • Marcie Boucouvalas
    • J. Bernard Bradley
    • Margaret A. Eggleston
    • Nancy Fire
    • Steven Frye
    • Chad Hoggan
    • M. Joanne Kantner
    • Larry G. Martin
    • Stephen McCaskey
    • Christy Rhodes
    • Federico Salas-­‐Isnardi
    • Steven Schmidt
    • Jonathan Taylor
    • Jill Zarestky
  • 2014 - Jim Berger
  • 2011 - Joanne Kantner
  • 2009 - Clare Klunk
  • 2007 - Jean Fleming
  • 2006 - Marcie Boucouvalas
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